Responsible Play

The team at VIP Prizes is dedicated to promoting and upholding socially responsible play on our platform. The well-being of our members is of the utmost importance to us, and we continuously strive to ensure that our members play only within their means and in a healthy manner.


We want our players to use our website as an occasional form of entertainment, where they have the chance to win fantastic prizes. Engaging in online draws can be addictive, so this page contains useful links and guidance for our players.

We design our draws in a responsible manner to ensure that they do not have a particular appeal to vulnerable groups or underage individuals. We acknowledge that the majority of players engage responsibly and within their means. Nevertheless, it is our duty to provide support and intervene in cases of problematic or excessive play. We are here to assist our customers in playing responsibly and ensuring they always have control over their participation.

Indicators of a potential issue include:

  • Viewing draws as a means of making money, rather than as entertainment.
  • Attempting to recover losses or using draws to escape financial difficulties.
  • Exceeding one’s financial and time limits.
  • Selling belongings or borrowing money to continue playing.
  • Struggling to manage or stop participating.


Actions we will take:

  • Allowing you to self-exclude from VIP Prizes’s website if you believe your play has become problematic or for any other reason. Contact us via email at or through the contact form on “Contact Us” page to request account closure for a specified time period or permanently.


Additional actions you can take:

  • Keeping track of the amount you spend on draws.
  • Exploring treatment centers in the UK for assistance if you feel that your behavior is spiraling out of control.